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Stuart Fox - TV Composer

Hi, I'm Stuart and I compose original music for TV and Film.
Want to talk about music? Contact the studio directly on : 01457 780826.
This will direct you to the studio in office hours or a voicemail at any other time.

Here are some of my favourite bits from Factual TV I've written music for...


Apple 2019 Mac Pro - PCIe, M.2 NVME storage solutions (Sonnet, OWC etc) stop working after Sonoma update.

Since November last year, Mac Pro 2019 users, a popular choice for composers, have been hit with an issue if they have their storage connected via a PCIe card, another popular solution for composers.

I, like many others keep all my orchestral and virtual instrument sample libraries on an array of very fast, M.2 drives. These drives are connected to a card, which in turn slots in to an expansion slot that the Mac Pro has. The Mac Pro is the only apple computer with these expansion slots, making it the only choice for composers who want their sample libraries on such a fast drive. Nothing else compares on speed, making the whole musical workflow efficient and fast, in theory!

Since apple updates in November last year, people using drives in this way have been hit by their drives randomly disappearing and not showing when the computer starts up. 

Because this is such a strange, but destructive issue, only affecting a small number of people who do quite specialist things with their Mac Pro's, I've added a page to document my own testing and troubleshooting process. I've done this in part, because Apple have disabled the conversation about this on their own community support pages.

Anyone who has any insight on this, please reach out on my email, or the online chat here. 

Music Highlight - Bachelor, 38 - BAFTA Nominated Film 

I recently worked on a fantastic short doccumentry film, 'Bachelor, 38'. It's been nominated for the Best British category and the Iris Prize at the Iris Festival, 2018. You can watch the full film (14 minutes) on BBC iPlayer Here

Here's the trailer!

I'd love to chat about composing original music, editing my existing music or yours to fit your story or creating sound. I can also consult on music technology so if you're a music production facility or a creative professional and you want help choosing the right gear and software, lets have a chat.


Festivals - S4C
Deserts And Life

Who else has used my music?

My specially composed and non exclusive library music has featured on TV shows shown world wide.

Stuart Fox Music Featured on UK TV
Stuart Fox Music Featured on S4C
Music featured on TV show, Our School
Original music featured on the National Geographic Channel
Music by Stuart Fox has been featured on Nat Geo Wild TV
Stuart Fox Music has been featured on BBC TV channels
Models, Misfits, Mayhem featured additional music by Stuart Fox
Stuart Fox's original music featured on Million Pound Movers
ITV TV Shows featured Stuart Fox Music
Stuart Fox Music has featured on the History Channel
Original music by Stuart Fox on the Great British Food Revival
Featured on Foxtel TV (Australia)
Stuart Fox has composed original music for Eden TV
Original TV Music for Channel 5
Music featured on Channel 4 TV
Music featured on CBBC
Music featured on Alex Polizzi, The Fixer